Air Handlers

Air Handlers from One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning of Greenville, SC

Are some vents in your home blowing too much and others too little? Do some rooms in your house become too hot while others stay cold? Does your heating and air system occasionally rattle? These are all signs that you may need an air handler for your home.

Air handlers are an important component to any HVAC system. Usually, an air handler is a large metal box containing a blower, heating and/or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers. Air handlers usually connect to ductwork that distributes the conditioned air through the home, and returns it to the air handler. Sometimes air handlers discharge and admit air directly to and from the space served, without necessary ductwork.

Our team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning understands the importance of a balanced air-flow system. We’re a full-service HVAC company that focuses on airflow balancing, to insure that you’re getting the most out of your heating and cooling systems.

Get your air flowing freely with the assistance of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us today to discuss your options.

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