Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Winners


2017 Champion® Heating System Giveaway Recipient

Martha B. from Boiling Springs, SC

Nominated by: Kelley E. and Carolyn R.

Widowed when her daughter was just 18 months old, Martha has raised her now 9-year-old on her own. According to Martha’s friends Kelley and Carolyn, who nominated her for the giveaway, Martha is unable to work or drive and depended completely on her husband before he died. Martha and her daughter now live on limited resources and are in desperate need of help since their HVAC system went out over the summer. With little extra resources to cover such a large expense, Martha and her daughter have been sleeping in their den with a space heater to keep warm.

In their nomination, Martha’s friends mention that she has sacrificed a lot to keep her daughter safe and warm this winter. “I would love to see this precious family receive a heat pump!” states Martha’s friend Carolyn. “They have nothing yet they never complain. They’re grateful for any help that’s given…I can’t think of another person who would deserve this more than Martha!”

It is our honor to be able to give the gift of warmth to this admirable and deserving family. Martha will receive a complete, new Champion® heating and air conditioning system for her home that will keep her and her daughter safe and comfortable for many years to come.

2016 Luxaire® Heating System Recipient

Victoria P. from Inman, SC

2016 Warm Hearts, Warm Homes Recipient


When her husband of nearly 20 years was killed suddenly in a work accident, Victoria was left to raise seven children alone, one of whom is profoundly disabled and completely non-verbal. Although she was a stay at home mom for the nearly twenty years that she and her husband were married, she went back to school in her forties to get her Masters degree and entered the work force after his death. She now works full time teaching alcohol and drug prevention to at-risk youth at a local non-profit agency to support the five of her children who still live in the home.

According to Victoria’s daughter Ashleigh, who nominated her mother for this giveaway, the heating and air system was on its proverbial last leg when her mother first bought their home after her husband’s passing. With the help of our One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning technicians servicing the unit over the past several years, she has managed to wrangle a little more life out of the aging unit. Unfortunately, due to the system’s age, she has not turned the heat on this winter for fear it will give out.

Ashleigh closes her nomination letter by saying, “My mother is a compassionate, brave woman who stepped up to the plate and raised and continues to raise her family in spite of our profound loss…Knowing that my family, especially my disabled brother, is warm this winter and comfortable for years to come would be a gift beyond measure, one that would be deeply and humbly appreciated from the bottom of our most grateful hearts.”

Victoria is one of our loyal and cherished customers who have enabled us to grow and prosper over the last 13 years. It is our honor to be able to show our appreciation by paying it forward and giving the gift of warmth to this admirable and deserving family. Victoria will receive a complete, new Luxaire® heating and air conditioning system for her home that will keep her family safe and comfortable for many years to come.

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